Self Recon

Rainy Day
Rainy Day

Woah~ this is definitely happening. Definitely… I am now typing my first entry in my blog. My blog… Wow. Ang tagal-tagal ko na kasing iniisip na mag simula ng isang blog. But apparently I am too lazy and too preoccupied with some things that I failed to create one. Let me tell you, the failed attempts to carry on and maintain a blog are too many to count and mention; Blogspot, countless WordPress accounts and multiple Tumblr, etc~ etc~ So, it’s just too surreal for me while writing this. Howkay~ on to my entry then!

“Self Recon”
Self n. the personality or character that makes a person different from other people
Recon n. another term for reconnaissance. Is a military activity in which soldiers, airplanes, etc., are sent to find out information about an enemy

#SelfRecon ay hashtag na ginagamit ko sa twitter ko ngayon. Bakit? well, from the dictionary definition for both words, I’m set to find “information” about myself. Therefore, “Self Recon”, finiding who I really am. What I am here for. Am I living my life the way that I wanted. So there.

Lately, I have been thinking about my life, so far. I feel that I’m being a namby-pamby person… I don’t know. Really… Maybe or maybe not. O sadyang weird na tao lang ako. But, all I know right now is I don’t know that much about myself. Haha. Ironic, right? One does not simply expect to really know one’s self. Ano daw? haha~ *sigh* I think… It is really hard to, you know, really deeply know oneself. Yes, you know what you want and what you don’t want. You know how you feel/react towards events, persons etc., etc. But are those feelings true? or are you just feeling them because others expected you to feel that way. You are aware of what you “can” but… are you really sure of the things that you “cannot” do? Is there a limit to what you are capable of? Nothing’s definite in life.

“Pagpapakatotoo” sa Ingles, being true to ourselves. This is what I am set to find. Gusto kong i-organize ang sarili ko. I want to know or at least imagine where and what I’ll be 5 or 10 years from now. Ang dami kong gustong gawin, but I took to my blog and write first to commemorate the changes or the discovery of myself for the coming days. It’ll be confusing and hard for sure, but I hope it’ll be fun too.

Aside from writing my first blog entry, I am now cleaning up my emails. Too many unread messages. Haha! Also, will be writing the “About” section of my blog. Expect improvments and I hope to find friends here 😉

LOL. Got distracted again. Haha! Now watching Akdong Muscian (AKMU) k-pop star episodes. Hehehe~


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