Weekend Escape: Tagaytay City Philippines (Part 2)

Since we do not know how to get there. We asked the people from Java Jazz. They told us that from there, we should go back to Olivarez Rotunda then ride a bus bound for Nasugbu. Afterwards, ride a tricycle going to Caleruega Church.

To go back to Olivarez we rode a tricycle again for 50php. Right when we arrived at the rotunda, there’s a bus bound for Nasugbu. We paid 25php each. The traffic during that time was so bad. Then I thought, if only I had my own private car. The travel wouldn’t be much stressful like when commuting.

As we ascend higher, the clouds were getting closer and darker. The possibility of raining is high. We ask the conductor to drop us off where we could reach Caleruega. The place is called Bolinao, I think. There are already tricycles parked there, so it’s easy to flag one down. During the tricycle ride, you would pass by the KC Hillcrest Hotel and Golf Club. After passing by KC Hillcrest, the road would get rougher. Caleruega is really far from the highway, so I suggest you get the cellphone number of the tricycle driver so he could fetch you when you’re done doing the Caleruega Tour.

We arrived at Caleruega Church. But, as we are about to start wandering around, the sky opened up. Good thing there are cottages or some shaded seats around Caleruega that we could stay at while we’re waiting for the rain to stop. Perfect for some catching up or to have your “muni-muni” moment.

Caleruega, Fountain Compass

The moment the rain stopped, we took off right away. First, we went to see the Caleruega Tent Chapel. While going there, we passed by the Koi Pond and the hanging bridge, after that it was a short hike to the top.

Koi Pond
Caleruega Tent Chapel

Because it rained really hard, the pathways are muddy and slippery. Everything around is wet. Also, it’s very chilly because we are at higher grounds and the clouds feel like they’re closer to us.


But, the short, muddy, hike was “Sulit” ika nga sa pilipino. It was worth it. Seeing the tent chapel standing there.

One thing that I am regretful for is not seeing all this when the sun is shining brightly. Super gloomy kasi ng paligid. There are still gray clouds hovering. Feeling ko any time the sky would open up once again.

I took a panoramic shot of the place pero hindi ko na alng isasama dito. I also want to comeback here again to see this when it’s not rainy anymore.

Speaking of regrets, I very much regret not seeing the actual Caleruega Church. I did not know that it’s only open till 5:30pm. Sayang, pagbalik kasi namin it was already 5:33pm. #sadlife! Huhu~ TT.TT Konti na lang sana. Hay…

Maybe it was not meant to be. For now, I’ll be content with the side view of the church.

Caleruega Church, from the sides

After this trip to Caleruega we traveled back to the hotel. GRABE! I was so shocked by the heavy congestion. Super traffic! Oh, we rode a jeepney bound for Olivarez Plaza and paid 25php each. Upon arrival, I asked the receptionist if I could move my La Costa appointment to 9pm-10pm and 10pm-11pm. Since my friend doesn’t want the massage, they offered me to avail both. Sadly, they cannot move the appointment as they have many guests booked already. So, I took the schedule of 9pm-10pm for a body massage. They also helped me with the reservation for Kubo Restaurant.

When we came back to our room, we discovered that the cabled TV doesn’t work. We contacted the front desk and they sent the maintenance personnel. But, they weren’t able to fix it right away (it was fixed around 11pm). Also, the hotel has many hot spots for wifi connection, but it doesn’t have any internet connection at all. These were the drawbacks.

We had the set dinner at Kubo Restaurant. Food was okay. Nothing special. The only bonus here is you get to eat in  Kubo’s. After dinner, was my appoinment with the La Costa Spa masseuse. I don’t know about the TripAdvisor Reviews regarding the awful massage services of La Costa. I think the massage was relaxing, minsan super diin ng masahe pero you could always tell naman sa masahista na to go lighter. I availed of the traditional hilot for an additional fee of 100php. Kasi yung inclusive sa MetroDeal voucher is Shiatsu Massage lang daw. I slept soundly after the massage.

Day 2

We woke up at around 6am and prepared for the day ahead. We are going home early because it’s my friend’s birthday. It was 7:30am when we finished packing up and freshening ourselves. Since breakfast is being served at 8am pa we decided to buy pasalubongs, first para makaalis kami agad. To our disbelief, almost all of the shops around Olivarez Plaza is closed pa! We couldn’t find any place to buy pasalubongs. Saddened by the realization, we went back to the Hotel to eat breakfast.

Like in Kubo Restaurant, the food was okay lang din. What bummed me is they forgot to bring out our coffees. They started to server the other table hot drinks, yet we’re almost halfway done with our food but our coffee isn’t there yet.

When we’re done eating we went outside ulit to find a shop to buy pasalubongs. It’s already 8:40am, luckily Colletes’s is open na so we bought what we need there. Went back to the hotel and checked-out and went back home…

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