Why Are We So Stressed? (Unnecessary Distractions)

I went on a weekend trip to Tagaytay City with my best friend to celebrate her birthday. I just wanted it to be memorable for her. Apart from this reason is, I really wanted to go on this tripΒ thinking I could meditate or something. To ponder things that are happening with my life right now.

As I thought I would be able to do some thinking… Or just simply sit in a corner, and let my mind go blank for a while… I found myself being too stressed during the getaway. Too stressed to make this travel perfect or hassle free for my best friend. I also, so stupidly, stressed about how I would be writing my blog post for my Tagaytay Escapade. Doing so, I failed to enjoy the trip and the places we went to. When I got back from the trip, only then was I able to relax.

*sigh* I regret every moment on the trip stressing about unnecessary stuff. I just realized then that we are too stressed and too distracted by the things that we ought not think about. We fail to simply be and just enjoy the moment. We plan trips to relax but we end up thinking way too much how this travel would look when posted on social media or when written in a blog.

I have learned my lesson. Not only in travelling, but also for our daily living.

Don’t put too much energy thinking what might be. Just live the moment.


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