Full of Worries But the Mind Is Blank

Lately, I find myself being worried and restless. But when I try to dig deeper what is it that I am worried I about, my mind goes blank…

Maybe I am worried about my future… Thoughts like, “am I handling my finances right? If not, what should I do?” “will I be able to live comfortably?” “will I be able to travel to my hearts’ content?” “will I have so much regret for the things I didn’t do or the risks I didn’t take?” yeah, things like this…

During those times I feel like going away… Somewhere I could think and ponder things over… Still, I couldn’t. I haven’t find the courage to go alone… Bummer. . -_-

I am a 20 something person. I still don’t know which way to go, or am I going in the right direction. There’s so much written article about how to help yourself prepare for your future while young but I don’t know which one would point me to the right path.

*sigh* If anyone’s reading this, please do leave a comment down below for any tips or just… Anything… Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Full of Worries But the Mind Is Blank

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  1. You are still young to worry too much πŸ™‚ I think the only way is to refresh your mind and yes go somewhere else and perhaps by a change of scene or people to be with then a “light” will come up! Goodluck, Cheer up!

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