Quarter Life Crisis Is Real

The quarterlife crisis is a period of life ranging from twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult.
Quarter-life Crisis – Wikipedia

I thought Quarter life crisis is a just a term being used by people without plans and people who’re just too distracted to start their life… But, I couldn’t be more wrong. I used to snub at the “Quarter Life Crisis” stories (and I am really sorry about it) but now, I really empathize with them. It’s really an entire different feeling when you’re actually experiencing it compared to just hearing stories about it.

Yes, I am currently in the middle of some preparation for a secured future. I started to invest on Real Estate and getting an Insurance. On the outside, it sounded fancy and so composed that people praised me for starting it a young age… But, what I think is, those are necessary preparations. They are basic and expected. I am not ungrateful or anything, please do not misunderstand. I am really happy about it. There’s just something that… I don’t know… I really can’t explain or pinpoint what it is.

Common symptoms of a quarter life crisis are often feelings of being “lost, scared, lonely or confused” about what steps to take in order to transition properly into adulthood.

I avoid articles having supposed How to’s in overcoming your quarter-life crisis. I do this because I do not want to follow what others did to overcome theirs, because it comes with a certain expectation of outcome. I believe each person is different so there are countless of ways to overcome one’s crisis depending on their personality and where they are comfortable with.

Yesterday was the first time that I’ve discuss my problems with a friend. I do not know weather she understood what I am saying at all… Well, it felt good to know someone listens to all your blabbering even if they may not fully understand what it is that you’re going through.

I constantly torture myself with questions like, “Is this really the life you’ve always wanted?” or “Am I going on the right path?” I even sometimes question my career and where it is headed. I am a Senior Software Engineer and a System Administrator in a Japanese owned company… but lately I’ve been having a slump with what I used to love… People around me (specifically my family) keeps on telling me to change company and move in into a new environment where I could get a better salary for my talent. I like the idea of having a better salary for what I do but I am not sure if that is really what I wanted.

“25. You’re 99.7% sure a road trip would fix everything.”
– 25 Signs You’re Having A Quarter Life Crisis

A friend suggested that I focus my thoughts on travelling and appreciating time with myself. Without thinking about others and worrying about anything. I am seriously considering that idea. I’ve always wanted to try and travel on my own. Just me and my thoughts. Maybe I just needed time to think… Maybe, I honestly do not know. I am just hoping for the best and trusting myself to get out of this crisis I am having.
Shout out to all those people who’re going through something. I wish you all the best. Kaya natin ‘to. ^^~

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