Stop and Think. It Helps A Lot.

I find myself lately spacing out, blanking and/or succumbing to any thought that crosses my mind. It’s hard, though. Because I do not have the luxury of having my mind full of other things when I have loads of office work on my plate. But I do it anyway.

I may have been over-killing my so-called investments. I bought a house (which I am still paying for) and I also got myself an insurance. Both, I think are important; But I later realized that maybe, just maybe, I am not yet ready for both of them at the same time. They currently hold the biggest percentage from my salary. I have monthly expenses too, on top of that. So, I am living paycheck to paycheck at the moment.

Although they are good investment (some even praise me for starting it at a young age) it troubles me a lot. I do not earn that much, that is why I am worried if I can handle these investments I have made. It also saddens me for I had plans last year of making my 2017 my #TravelYear. I could pay for the house and insurance at the expense of the extra funds that I planned on spending for travel and other stuffs.

Hence, the frequent spacing-out-moment. I think it helps, when my mind wanders and goes through every worry I have in my mind. The more I think deeply, the more I get some semblance of an answer from myself. Everything momentarily becomes clearer. A glimpse of hope, a glimpse of light. That “Yeah. I can do this. I definitely can. I just need to get my act right and my mind straight.” Funny, most of the time we seek comfort or encouragement from others who believes we can do it; When it is us who should be encouraging ourselves and believing we can do it. I guess it’s all about our individual perception. But, nonetheless, weather we get the encouragement from ourselves or from other people and so long as we give it our best shot; Everything would work out just fine.

I still want to travel, though. (╥_╥)


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