Going Solo, Finally!

Okay, this will be a short one. Just needed to share this ASAP so that my mind would not talk me out of the decision I have made.

This has been on my mind since 2017 began. That I will make 2017 my #TravelYear without regrets filling it with memories. Never once in my life have I traveled to a new place on my own. To be honest it scares me. Being in an unfamiliar place without knowing anyone is scary. Also, the thought of shouldering all travel expenses always makes me think twice about going on in an adventure alone. But, since I am really set on fulfilling my resolution I decided to finally do it.

Ninety-three days from now, I’ll turn 25 years old. When else would I get this super perfect timing? Oyea~! To commemorate my silver anniversary on earth, I challenged myself to go solo on travelling. Although I’ll be going to a local destination and it may not be far from the city, still…. I’ll go alone. Budget is tight, but I’ll make it work somehow.

If I didn’t post any entry about my solo adventure…. I chickened out. I am a lowly coward person that ruins everything. A woman who doesn’t keep her words.

Featured image not mine. Credits to the original owner.


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