Skepticisms in Falling In Love

This is a very cliché question, but I am going to ask it all the same. How can you tell if you are in love? Deeply, sincerely in love…?

Lately I have been bugged by this question. It kept on popping in my mind. I am currently in the process of moving on from a 2 year relationship that end 4 months ago. I am not bitter or anything, I am just… just.

What’s really weird is I almost feel nothing. Is it because I am used to being ignored and taken for granted during those years that I barely notice there’s no “US” anymore? Or was it because the break up was bound to happen anyway. Due to us naturally drifting apart because of the distance and lack of effort? OR worse, We did not really love each other… We just craved companionship or we fell in love with the idea of falling in love with someone.

But, I did think of spending my life with him at some point during those 2 years. He was my first boyfriend, and I thought he would be my last too. After the break up, I have realized some important things along with some uncertainties about love and relationships. Which brings me to the current situation I am in.

I know that I am not yet ready for another relationship. But people around me told me not to close any possibility of a new romance and so I did. But how could I tell if it is really love and not just some infatuation and me seeking companionship. How can I be so sure that the next relationship I would be in would not die down like the previous one.

I am now very careful with my words and reactions, especially when talking to the opposite sex. Afraid that I might give them the wrong impression or me falling for the idea of being in a relationship again. But really, how can I tell if I am genuinely in love with the person and not just under some delusion that I am in love with him?


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