Letter: Birthday Greeting To Half Of My First Love

I stopped caring for what other people think. Also, I stopped showing them what I want them to know and say about me. Gone are the days I am trying to please everyone and making them think I am this certain type of person. (this is me, justifying why I don’t want to post my birthday greeting to Papa on my social media accounts)

Okay, so this entry is about my Papa. Happy birthday! It has been, what… 11 years since you went Home. Sorry for everything… Sorry if I disappoint you. Sorry if I am not visiting you at Church… There’re a lot of things I am sorry for. Unmentionable stuff… But I still hope I am making you proud in some way.

Although I only remember few moments with you, those are still happy memories. Thank you, for everything. I know you did your best. I still miss you sometimes. Every so often, I feel envious towards women who still have their fathers. Imagining what would it be like if I have both you and Mama right now. *sigh* Well, we’ll meet again someday. Happy birthday Papa, I love you…


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