Travelling: Mustering The Courage

Traveling alone for the first time is scary. Watching the news and reading articles about current events brings you lots of horrible thoughts. Thinking it might happen to you if you travel alone. On the other hand, when it comes down to it, you know you’ll be missing out on life if you do not try to, at least once, travel alone. That is why, last February, I decided to take on the opportunity to travel and commemorate my silver anniversary on earth.

My birthday is on the 29th of May. Since it was only February, I still have a lot of time to plan think about it. There were moments that I almost backed out of this trip. To chicken out and retract my decision. But when I think about the reasons why I decided to take on this solo travel, I resolved myself to push this through. I badly needed that alone time, to think and to have the freedom to explore a place by myself.

I read this really helpful post, Realizations of a Solo Traveler, it tells the realities of travelling alone. The author recounts her experiences during her travels. There were good moments as well as bad ones. Though I don’t want to experience misfortunes, I knew those were inevitable. But I definitely would want to really know myself, meet new people and to experience that liberating feeling I’ll get out of going to new places and exploring them on my own pace. Ah, so here’s to future travelling with myself. ^^~


8 thoughts on “Travelling: Mustering The Courage

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    1. Hello! I’m planning to go to Puerto Galera this weekend. I wanted to go trekking initially, but I don’t think I have the guts to try it out, yet. Haha! I see you’re also a Filipino! Mygolay. By chance, did you go to Gov. Ferrer High School? You look like someone I know, and you both have the same surname.


    2. Enjoy Galera! If you’re really into trekking, please get a guide or join other hikers. Solo hike is far too dangerous.
      Yep, Gov ako! Ikaw rin? Anong pangalan ng kakilala mo? Baka kapatid ko pala or pinsan haha.


    3. Thank you. ^^~ Yep. I’ve looked into some groups that invites joiners. But I think I have to mentally and physically prepare myself first. I am not a very active person. πŸ˜‚

      Yes! Gov din ako. Ohmaygulay~ small world. My friends’ name is Miesie Saflor. She was my classmate. Mejo magkahawig kayo kaya natanong ko.

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    4. Yeah. I’ll let you know kapag naglakas na ako ng loob mag hike. πŸ˜‰

      Wow! Small world indeed. Nakakaloka. Hahaha. Ako naman taga PK1.


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