Puerto Galera

The last time I posted an entry was on the 25th of May. It’s already July… I haven’t even posted about my birthday trip to Puerto Galera; And, to be honest, I don’t really want to. I want to keep the details to myself and let it remain as an important, private memory. A point in my life where I tried and mustered the courage to do something I thought I never could do. But all in all, that trip made me review my current situation, my future and ponder on thoughts that troubles me. Though it didn’t solve anything, and I didn’t arrive to any solid conclusion about what I really wanted to do; just by being there, sitting and listening to the waves, looking as far as my eyes can see, and appreciating the moment is a very welcoming feeling. A warm and goose bump inducing feeling that envelopes you and that is enough for me…

BUT, what I’d like to share now is how I got there and how much I spent during the trip. Please do note that I didn’t do any activities. This is just me, wandering around. Also, this is my first time solo travelling and I’m still getting in grips with how to budget expenses. So, without further a do, here is my list of expenses.

Jeepney Fare to Buendia Bus Terminal (my apartment is a 5-10 min. jeepney ride from the station) 8.00php
Bus Fare to Batangas Port (JAM Liner) 167.00php
Round trip ticket to Batangas – Muelle 460.00php (+ 30.00php terminal fee)
Accommodation for 1 night @ Villa De Pico 1,680.00php (thru Booking.com)
Transportation around (tri-cycle) 250.00php
Food 709.00php
Terminal Fee (going back to Batangas Port) 10.00php
Bus going back to Manila 168.00php
Jeepney ride going home 8.00php
TOTAL: 3,482.00php

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