Travelling: Mustering The Courage

Traveling alone for the first time is scary. Watching the news and reading articles about current events brings you lots of horrible thoughts. Thinking it might happen to you if you travel alone. On the other hand, when it comes down to it, you know you'll be missing out on life if you do not... Continue Reading →


Preparation For the Future: Finance Handling and Real Estate

For me, it came when I turned 22. It started with a thought, where would I be after 20 years or so. Am I married? Do I already have a family of my own? Where would I live? Would I still be an office worker? Questions like these and adding a bit of overthinking and worrying caused me sleepless nights. As in, literal 1-to-3-hours-of-sleep sleepless. Anyway, so, back then I did not know where to start. I do not have a bank account of my own, no savings and low income.

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