Confession Of a Manipulative Bitch

Haaa~ Where to start... Well, I think I may have a resolution for 2018. To be honest to myself and acknowledge my faults and shortcomings; In order to better myself and lessen whatever's making me greedy. To start this off, I'm admitting that I am being "manipulative" at times. I am not an avid follower... Continue Reading →


Gray: That Color Between Black and White

I got the chance to travel and be alone. To think deeply in a place where no one knew me. It really helped me appreciate things more. I realized that there's more to life than what I am seeing at the moment. There are still good things that's happening and I should be thankful for those.

Travelling: Mustering The Courage

Traveling alone for the first time is scary. Watching the news and reading articles about current events brings you lots of horrible thoughts. Thinking it might happen to you if you travel alone. On the other hand, when it comes down to it, you know you'll be missing out on life if you do not... Continue Reading →

In Actuality

Here I am. Downstairs, got kicked out of the room because my roommate would be cleaning. Listening to Skinny Love for the nth time because I still couldn't get the meaning. Blanking while writing this entry. Sharing my thoughts on the internet where it would remain undiscovered by most or would be read by eyes... Continue Reading →

Stop and Think. It Helps A Lot.

I think it helps, when my mind wanders and goes through every worry I have in my mind. The more I think deeply, the more I get some semblance of an answer from myself. Everything momentarily becomes clearer. A glimpse of hope, a glimpse of light. That "Yeah. I can do this. I definitely can. I just need to get my act right and my mind straight."

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