Letter: Birthday Greeting To Half Of My First Love

It has been, what... 11 years since you went Home. Sorry for everything... Sorry if I disappoint you. Sorry if I am not visiting you at Church... There're a lot of things I am sorry for. Unmentionable stuff... But I still hope I am making you proud in some way.


Patak Na Lang Ng Ulan

Gusto kong maligo sa ulan. Nais kong iiyak lahat ng sakit, takot, pangamba na aking nararamdaman. Nais kong umiyak hanggang sa wala na akong maiiyak pa. Hanggang sa patak na lang ng ulan ang patuloy na aagos sa aking muka.

Letter: To The Man I’ll Love

I am broken. I have a lot of insecurities. I have mood swing patterns that is very difficult to fathom. The previous relationship I was at, left me confused, scared and worried. Confused because it was not what I was expecting. My expectation wasn't that high. But I thought relationships were supposed to be give... Continue Reading →


I just got off the phone with my boyfriend of 2 years. I initially thought it was one of another typical short phone calls with him. To my surprise... It wasn't. That phone call... Was the most honest and most open conversation we had, ever. I was in the middle of organizing my clothes into... Continue Reading →

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